When a person has a history that they have struggled with, it sometimes becomes a painful memory. Our mission is to take those painful memories and showcase to others how what was once a terrible tragedy can become something progressive. Some use art as therapy, or a creative release of stress or anxiety, or even their full time career. However, no matter their art form, we have created a gallery to collectively display works and share our stories to show people they are not alone.

      Many people suffer from mental illnesses. Such can be brought on by things like abuse, others can be genetic. Whether it be depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, OCD, DID, etc. art is a way some people choose to cope with their feelings that they have a hard time verbally expressing. You can capture feelings that there are no words to describe, settings that can not be visualized, monsters that can not be seen.

     Just a few of the countless art forms are featured here. All of these people have worked hard on their recreation of their stories through their specific art form, and they deserve much more credit than can ever be expressed here.

     If you can not support these artists by buying any of their pieces or commissions (we understand!), please share the website, their gallery, or even just give them a shout out*. Everything you can do to help them would be so much appreciated!

* all photos are property of the artists. If sharing any photos from this website, please make sure to credit the artist and the website.

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